Glean, graphic identity for a new Mozilla telemetry SDK

” The Glean SDK is a modern approach for a Telemetry library and is part of the Glean project“, project team says.

I’ve been asked to contribute to the Graphic ID of a new telemetry SDK called Glean, by a Mozilla team. It has been extremely funny and challenging.

They asked me to play with the meaning of the word itself, but also to make it fit with the brand identity of their Company. I have then started to work with several shapes, dealing with both natural elements (to glean is a verb used also in agriculture) and the brand official color palette. Passing by several trials we decided to keep the graphic connection with nature just through a simple pattern made out of lines, which could remind the ears of corn shape, and to put it in combination with a yellow background.

This is the artwork they have eventually chosen and printed on every kind of support (t-shirts, stickers and so on)

Looking forward to collaborating with nerdy staff again!

Glean, mozilla firefox
Glean, SDK